We are here to make your wedding {GeOrGeOuS} and {uNfOrGeTaBlE}. We have a beautiful one-of-a-kind wedding canopy, with a gazebo as the centerpiece! Our soft lighting helps give your wedding a {RoMaNtIc} glow. Indoor and outdoor setup is available. The canopy is perfect for cultral halls and gymnasiams and will make your wedding {uNfOrGeTaBlE}!!


With our new gazebo as the center point in the room, it is perfect place for the bride and
groom to stand, display your wedding cake, or take your bridal pictures.

The soft lighting makes it so you don't have to use bright fluorescent lights, or spot lights.
It turns the room into a soft romantic atmosphere.

The chandelier hangs from the gazebo and gives a magical glow to whatever is below it!

We have a beautiful sheer fabric that we drape from the top point of the gazebo out to the perimeter of the room or yard. We have 8 decorative poles that stand 10 feet tall that we place around the perimeter with a wire that runs between them. We can do anything ranging from 40-60 feet around.